About Us


The Paranormal Research and investigation Society is an organization located in Martin, TN that provides the area with free services regarding paranormal research..

 PRISM is comprised of a group of professional paranormal investigators which mean they are trained extensively in the art of paranormal investigation and psychic phenomena.  The focus of the group is to use objective scientific and academic research as well as investigation methods using scientific equipment and the best equipment of all (our bodies and senses)  to explore the field whilst integrating the use of physics, psychological, and philosophical methodologies and theories in order to ultimately help forward the scientific study of experiences of the human psyche as it relates to paranormal phenomena and claims thereof.     


As paranormal investigators we are committed to authenticating evidence and documenting the existence and actions of paranormal activity through audio, video, and other means. We understand that there are a lot of groups who have spawned just from watching the TV shows and yet know little to nothing about the field however we can assure you that every member of PRISM has passed criminal background checks and have had proper training




Each investigator of PRISM has undergone extensive training in paranormal investigation in preparation for the situations they may encounter on paranormal investigations including psychological, emotional and physical phenomena.


 Our investigation team and even regular members are selected based on a criteria that has to be met and have to undergo a criminal background check. Since 2006 we have investigated hundreds of cases of paranormal phenomena including hauntings, demonic infestations, UFO sightings and cryptid sightings.  While we can't prepare for everything we make it one of our main missions is to educate and make the public as well as our own team aware of the challenges face din the field and attempt to overcome them. Because of our training and research we have become well respected in the paranormal community and our own community.



The Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Martin was founded in the Spring of 2006 by Casey McCasland and Kristen Moore. The organization was originally called the UT Martin Paranormal Society which began as an organization for students who were interested in topics such as ghosts and spirits.  The group had no formal meetings nor did they have any formal organization.



In the fall of 2008 the organization began to transition from a group of students interested in ghost hunting to a larger more organized group which began to take on clients and investigate the homes and businesses in the local area.

 In 2009 the group become known as the Paranormal Research & Investigation Society of Martin and began petitioning the University of Tennessee at Martin to become an official student organization. While doing this the organization reached out to some of the most well-known experts in the Parapsychology field and gained sponsorships from Dr. Charles Tart, Dr. Linda Salvin and on the UT Martin campus gained the sponsorship of Mr. Tommy McGlown and Professor of Sociology and Anthropology Darwin Ramsey.  


After a long and difficult time the University finally agreed to grant the group an official charter in the summer of 2010. Since then, PRISM has investigated hundreds of locations in the area, has become members of the illustrious Ghost Adventures Crew, Paranormal Clergy, and the Martin Business Association.  It currently is known as the oldest and most respected paranormal research organization in the area and provides paranormal investigations, seminars, workshops, and home blessings and cleansings.




The area of environment, property history, building construction and materials, the geological make up of the area and any medical and psychological history of the client (s) are considered in all investigations . This is very important, as is the investigation of any exported paranormal activity (such as knocking on walls, movement of objects, voices being heard, etcetera) for possible natural explanations. We conduct thorough paranormal investigation where we research all aspects of reported activity and client observations from a scientific standpoint to possibly determine what is and is not actual paranormal activity..We do not claim to get rid of ghosts but our cleansing services have been proven very effective based on client testimonials.  

 Only after all findings have been thoroughly analyzed, false positives established and eliminated and any natural explanations of activity have been determined, we then present our findings and conclusions to the client(s) to educate, create a better understanding of the current activity and discuss possible options that can be taken as well as determine if a follow up investigation is warranted or desired by the client(s) (with respect to scheduling). PRISM's methodology and research is primarily based on some of the primary research conducted by some of the most influential paranormal researchers.